I offer tailored consultations on the conservation of family archives and public and private collections

Conservative evaluation
I offer consultations on damaged specimen and whole programmes for preventative conservation

I offer environment analysis for conservation purposes and monitoring activity of specific rooms during exhibitions of original work. I fill in condition reports providing a detailed account of the state of conservation of paper specimen including recto verso
Consultations and examinations (a selection)
Consultation of a large spolvero representing “The Fourth Estate” by Pellizza da Volpedo

Conservative examination of three works of graphic art in the exhibition “Liberty in Italia” (Palazzo Magnani - Reggio Emilia – Italy)

Conservative examination of works of art on paper and on glossy paper by Amos Nattini

Consultation and conservative evaluation of two prints – an etching and a graver on paper – attributed to Giovanni Andrea Maglioli in the exhibition “L’enigma Escher. Paradossi grafici fra arte e geometria” (Palazzo Magnani - Reggio Emilia – Italy)

Conservative indexing for the Eighteenth century photographic and graphic collection “Jean Louis Protche” including about 4000 archival documents, glossy paper sheets and photographs. Project: “CittaĚ€ per gli Archivi” (Biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio – Bologna – Italy)

Condition report for the exhibition “COATS! Max Mara, 60 anni di moda italiana”

Condition report for the exhibition “Fellini, la Grande Parade”

Condition report for the exhibition “Pasolini, wer ich bin”