My activity in this field is aimed at the conservation and valuation of works of art on paper as well as old and contemporary photographs

I carry out conservative projects on damaged archives, family collections and individual specimen

I make boxes, envelopes and packaging with acid free and P.A.T. (ISO 18916) certified material with or without alkaline reserve, providing the right environment for the conservation of works of art on paper and photographic material

I realize displays and montages for works of art on paper and large photographs to suit different tastes and with a variety of materials, including traditional ones, Japanese paper and canvas

I research and write restauration profiles and condition reports for temporary and permanent exhibitions

I apply chromatic additions in line with the original colours and following the methods and guidelines adopted by the “Istituti Centrali di Restauro” (Central Institutes for Restauration) in order to minimize visual distortions

Restauration work is tailored on each individual piece to preserve their original features
My areas of intervention
works on paper
tracing paper